The Delusion of “Delusional Parasitosis”

Author: Dr. Omar Amin, Ph.D, D.N.M


The Delusion of “Delusional Parasitosis” Amin, 2015
Journal of Clinical Microbiology and case Reports, February 2015

World renown parasitologist, Dr. Omar Amin has been writing clinical, papers in regard to Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS/morgellons), since 1996. He has examined and treated over 1,000, so called, “delusional” patients.

Click the link to read  The Delusion of “Delusional Parasitosis” Amin, 2015

Excerpt: Delusional parasitosis incriminates patients… dismissing them as psychiatric cases, and confuses cause with effect. The author is critical of these arguments and believes that the symptoms of crawling and pin-pricking are genuine; just misinterpreted as parasite movements. Based on the author’s research on over 1000 “delusional” patients since 1996 at the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI), the author has established that the symptoms of crawling and pin-pricking are caused by toxicity from exposure to incompatible dental materials, implants, environmental toxins among others that alter the propagation of normal nerve impulses… Doctor Amin has described a new pathological disorder, Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) primarily associated with dental toxicity to which “delusional parasitosis” and Morgellons disease cases could be assigned to…

[1] AMIN  O.M., 2001. Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a new disorder.

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