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Gina Cerniglia
Morgellons Central

  1. Why do others cough or itch if I walk in toom? What is this will it go away?


  2. Jeff N Burnette

    I appologize, i have not been able to work at all this week I am an iron worker and in top physical condition at 44 years old it is a demanding job. I am a single father and i am financially drained right now. I had to have a blood test last Wednesday and wanted to tell the nurse about my symptoms but i am ashamed after damn near evwryone i tell thinks im psycho. My videos are EXTREME, one of them shows a thin stemed two inch worm with a big circular head coming out of my belly button
    I have many others that show stuff i still dont believe. I am trying to figure how to send u some but i am not good with computers or focusing right noq.


    • Please try vitamin B1 (THIAMIN) and vaporizers throughout yr home also rid your skin of all the nasties and fibers by using a scabies cream.


  3. Jeff dental work is not the only offender, chemicals, implants, recreational drugs and environmental toxins can cause symptoms. The key is to figure out the cause. That’s why the biocompatibility blood test is helpful. You can contact Parasitology Center Inc. and they may be able to assist you, as well as they have helped thousands of us world wide and have others that like me, will give you support.


  4. Jeff N Burnette

    I appreciate everything but understand i had all my teeth pulled three years ago.


  5. Jeff N Burnette

    I think th s is what I have I have a video who can help? Emergency room said I didn’t have any parasites but two months later I’m being eaten alive.


  6. Hi my name is Madeline and I have Morgellon’s I’m just like everyone else . TIRED of it but we have to deal .


  7. Karen Schokking

    I have far too many symptoms to list but let’s just say I was diagnosed with fybromyalgia in 1975 and had many, many operations dispute the fact that I was offered a full scholarship for athletics even after I quit the last year of high school half way in the last year. My question is this, how do you find the courage to reach out for help. I know I’m not crazy but I’ve been labeled as most of us have. Nothing I have to say has value and only gives me anxiety. I have things in my freezer that came from my body with a witness and I want to help others. Are there any options ? Has there been enough publicity yet for me to retain my dignity and stop feeling scared? Thanks


  8. I have what looks like wood splinters as if a sheet of splintery wood scraped across mainly my hands and arms.


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