What Are Morgellons Fibers?

MORGELLONS: What are the “fibers” , “black specks”, “white rubbery forms ”  I see on and in my skin?


Are you seeing things growing out of your skin? Fibers, white, black maybe other colors? Do you see black specks? What is it? If bacteria and bugs are ruled out there is an explanation! Fungus! Yes, simply fungus. Fungus can do damage and it is not eradicated easily as you may have experienced with common fungus like “athletes’ foot”. Let me show you what I am talking about.


rhizopusThe drawing above shows a close-up of Fungus. Spores (sporangia) from  the sporangium are released, often to be carried away by the wind or hands. If they land in a moist place they may germinate to form branching, white, fuzzy stuff called hyphae. (THE FIBERS!) All of a fungi’s hyphae considered together are known as its mycelium (more FIBERS!). Special strands (FIBERS!) of hyphae connecting fungal bodies can be called stolons. Branching rhizoids (white fibers in skin) behave as roots, anchoring the fungus into its substrate (your skin), releasing digestive enzymes, and absorbing nutrients for the fungus. After the fungi’s hyphae grow awhile, when conditions are right, new sporangiophores appear in them, new spores form and are released, the spores germinate, and the whole life cycle repeats.



Below is a photograph of sporangia on the surface of a winter squash. The black spheres (black specs)  in the picture below are mature sporangia, while the white and transparent ones (whitish debris) are immature sporangia. The slender stems holding the sporangia above the squash’s surface are sporangiophores. This photo is a perfect example of  the “threads” or “fibers” and “black specs” that are commonly described coming from Morgellons lesions.


The following pictures are of morgellons lesions and fibers under magnification.

Morgellons specimen showing hyphae, sporangia and sporangiophores

Morgellons specimen still in skin. Rhizoids (root system) are beneath the skin. Black sporangiophores are clearly seen.

Morgellons specimen showing rhizoids (root system) and sporangiophores.

Hyphae grown in a petrie dish from Morgellons sample.

Hyphae grown in a petrie dish from Morgellons sample.


Morgellons highly magnified “fibers” on the skin. White, transparent and black spongiophores are clearly seen

Morgellons highly magnified skin photo clearly showing a sporangia on the end of sporangiophore.

Morgellons fibers and balls of fibers and tissue are NOT nano-particulates, they are NOT silicone, your body is NOT growing silicon or any other inorganic product!  I say this clearly and directly because I am aware of what has been said about Morgellons and Morgellons lesions. I am aware of the myths that are circulating regarding Morgellons. Fungus is living on you and in you because, intimate exposure to chemicals and toxins has compromised your immune system, leaving you as a suitable host for fungus, but in no way are you “growing” silicone, etc.

So what is the cure? Prescription oral or topical antifungals and antibiotics are not helpful. In my experience they did nothing for my lesions which were diagnosed as a plant fungus. Identify what toxins are affecting you and the source of exposure . If you are not sure what it could be a bio-compatibility blood test is helpful. Begin a natural detox  protocol and stop exposure to offending toxins. This is how you will recover. Bringing the body into a healthy state by cleansing the blood, organs and cells from the toxins, through these means will stop the fungal infection too. Your body is no longer a hospitable place for the fungus in a healthy morgellons disease, morgellons cure, morgellons symptoms, morgellons help, morgellons, neurocutaneous syndrome, morgellons support, morgellons recovery, lyme disease, scabies, morgellons illness, delusional parasitosis, fungus, mold, mercury amalgam, toxicity, toxic overload, crawling, itching, pin pricking, biting, sores, fibers, nano particles, bio, gmo, black specs

  1. Look up Tony Pantalleresco on YouTube. He demonstrates how to build nano fiber removal devices. This is really the only thing that will work.


  2. I suffered with this disease for four years. I received a supplement from a health food store (monthly club). It was black seed oil.Oh My God I saw results almost immediately. I take the gel caps, two a day =1000 mg. Give this a try, I know the agony of this disease.


    • Follow up get antifungal cream miconazole itrate for topical use . This will help you..


      • This degree of fungal invasion will not respond to antifungal creams. It is rather the result of a compromised immune system and will not resolve unless core issue is addressed. Neurocutaneous Syndrome and morgellons is not a skin problem, but a compromised immune system due to toxic exposure which allows fungus and/or bacteria to flourish despite adressing skin issues.


  3. Useless; no one can STOP the exposure to the offensive material as we breath it, eat it and drink it EVERYDAY! Also, you are NOT TALKING about geometric specs and light emitting specs coming out of the skin! There is nanotechnology/optogenetics/epigenetics involved in Morgellons. Detox alone is not sufficient. For a true cure go to augment informe.50webs.com there you’ll find the truth behind chemtrails, Morgellons etc..


  4. For 6 years I thought I was going to have to live without an explanation for something that made me feel alone and unheard. So many things had been ran through and taken into consideration in my mind. And finally I feel relieved to hear an understandable explanation. thank you. With everything in my heart thank you.

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  5. Stephanie McCoy

    For a few months I have had bumps that are itchy on my arms and legs.. they would come and go randomly.. yesterday morning I woke up and went to the bathroom and my skin opened up and a small hair/fiber came out and then all day it was happening, it felt like a pinprick, I would see a small spot of blood underneath my skin and next to it would be one of those bluish black tiny fibers that look like a tiny piece of hair. I just went to see my family doctor today and she is referring me to an infectious disease dr. If I do have morgellons, what can I do? Im breastfeeding my almost 6 month old. Thanks!


  6. Hi Lisa,
    If you can start detoxing your liver and lymph system especially that has seemed to help me. I also take grape seed extract, monolaurin, and capryllic acid capsules twice a day along with multivitamin. 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar in 1/4 cup grapefruit juice twice a day, 1 tsp baking powder in 12 oz bottled water daily. 2 boxes of baking powder and 2 cups white vinegar in warm to hot bath at least soak 30minutes- head and all. I have gotten relief. Went to Lyme specialist Monday had 14 tubes of blood drawn. I was impressed with the doctor. Hoping for clear answers. I will be glad to give you an update if you wish.



    • Ingrid Ribeaucourt

      You’re better off suggesting other types of vinegar as apples are LOADED with the nano. Any other types will do.


  7. You will find assistance by clicking the link below. You can communicate with the kind staff there and use the self-help protocol. I know if feels like your losing your life but the rehabilitation is quite simple.


  8. I have been going through this for two years and canr seem to get help or a answer.This isn’t ruining my life. I need help and a real answer to this before I go crazy.


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