What is Morgellons/NCS?

IMG_0028   Morgellons* and NCS (Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome) (Amin 2001-2014) is a collection of symptoms affecting skin, brain, body, and nerves. It’s cause is from intimate exposure to toxins such as, dental materials, chemicals or implants, to name a few. It is not Delusional Parasitosis,  as of January 25, 2010 CDC (Center for Disease Control) confirmed Morgellons. Morgellons*/NCS in NOT Lyme Disease, as Lyme Disease antibodies are NOT present in Morgellons*/NCS. Morgellons*/NCS conditions have the same pathology. The difference, Morgellons cause is primarily from intimate exposure to dental material incompatible with the patient. NCS (Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome) also includes non-dental exposure to toxins such as chemicals, insecticide, recreational drugs, implants among others (Dr. Amin 2014).

Reaction to exposure can be immediate. However, in many cases the condition develops over time, as toxins (commonly, dental materials) leach into the body. Toxins course through the blood and are stored in cells, tissue, organs and brain. Extreme sensations of itching, crawling and pin pricking/biting in the body are attributed to the toxins corrupting nerve impulses. This is interpreted by the patient as ‘movement of parasites’ in their body. The passage of toxic chemicals through the skin, for elimination, will cause the skin to break out. The resulting painful rashes/lesions can attract secondary, opportunistic infections (Amin, 2003) such as bacteria, fungus or arthropod. Fleshy clear or white forms, fibers, black specks or bugs can be observed in the skin. This is the pathology of Morgellons*/NCS.

Treating only the skin issues is ineffective, as this does not address the core issue, toxicity. Skin rashes and opportunistic infections are an outward manifestation of toxicity. The core issue must be addressed to achieve complete rehabilitation. Identification of toxins and sensitivities can be done through a blood test. Detox through holistic means is very successful in the reversal of toxicity and its symptoms as well as eradicating secondary infections.

Morgellons*/NCS is not contagious. However if there is a secondary infection (fungus, bacteria, anthropod) present, it can be contagious**. It is best practice to wash all bedding and towels in hot water with bleach, double rinse. Do not share used towels.

**No one in my household has ever developed Morgellons secondary infections, including my husband at the time (we were together 22 years). My theory is my compromised immuned system was perfect home for my “bugs”. They didn’t find that in anyone else.


  • General Malaise
  • Depression
  • Extreme nervousness/anxiety
  • Extreme Fatigue/Flu like
  • Extreme sensations of Itching, Crawling, Pin Pricking/Biting in body and on skin
  • Skin Rashes/Painful Bumps
  • Oozing, Slow Healing Sores
  • Gastric Disturbances
  • Swollen Joints/Generalized Swelling
  • Tremors
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Secondary Skin Infections including bacteria, fungus, anthropod
    • Fiber, Black Specks, Fleshy Clear or White Formations that come from Skin


* I use the term “Morgellons” here at MorgellonsCentral because many of us searching for information/help know the illness by this name, but “Morgellons” is not an accurate name for our collection of symptoms. “Morgellons” is an illness observed and named by Sir Thomas Browne in 1577. One in which he described fits of coughing and fever, relieved when dark hairs emerged from skin on the back of children. In 2004 Mary Leitao called the condition she observed on her 2 year old son’s lip, “Morgellons”, and the name stuck. I can relate to the photos and conditions that Mary Leitao observed in her son, however the symptoms of the original illness, of 1577, do not fit at all. Sadly, the CDC INCORRECTLY labeled “Morgellons” as “delusional parasitosis”, when “Morgellons” IS clearly an illness (1577), just not ours. To date, 20-30 thousand cases of “Morgellons” have been reported by practitioners worldwide. This is not an epidemic of delusion by any means. I refer to “Morgellons” as NCS (Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome), as named by Dr. Omar Amin in 2001[1]. He has observed and successfully treated thousands of patients since the 1990’s when he began studying these cases. I will use the term NCS here at MorgellonsCentral. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. morgellonscentral@gmail.com

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  1. Anjelah Johnson

    8 years ago I was told that I had scabies and I applied multiple tubes of 5% Permethrin to supposedly get rid of the parasite but here I am still with the itching and scratching and the bumps on my skin and I had also done all the crazy things like washing the clothes in hot water with special products


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