Morgellons: My Story



For years I had searched for answers to mystifying symptoms, I suffered such as, painful skin rashes (began at 14 years old), extreme fatigue, body aches, extreme itchy crawling sensation on my skin and in my body . Most doctors would resign my symptoms to ‘psychosomatic’ since most blood test were always ‘text book’ normal. The skin rashes were diagnosed as acne and would come and go.

During my mid 30’s the painful skin rashes continued and breakouts would appear anywhere, my forearms, scalp and ankles, not usually a place for acne, right? In addition, I was in incredible physical pain and so fatigued. At 36, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  This was the late 90’s, there was no known cure. I researched the internet for information, went on a detox regimen including vitamins, supplements and sunshine (vitamin D is now used to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms). After about 2 years I recovered from it and was doing well.

In 2007, I had complete rehabilitation of an old root canal. After this procedure, is when the worst of my symptoms appeared. Severe fatigue, body aches, joint swelling, extreme itching and crawling sensation all over my body and raised painful welts. As weeks passed the rashes were not retreating and stayed moist. In 2008 was searching the internet for answers and found Morgellons. It seemed so much like what I was experiencing, then I saw many you tube video’s making fun of us, as delusional, so I quickly dismissed that diagnosis and continued to search for answers.

In the mean time, I noticed white stretchy “splinters” that could be pulled out my sores. They almost appeared living! One day I got out my son’s microscope and we both viewed them. OMG! They have a form and hair/fibers… Oh God!!! I had a jewelers loop (high-powered magnifying glass) and would watch these sores. Throughout the span of the day, fibers (white and blue) would grow out of them and reach out to new skin. I was so afraid!!

I went to the doctors and they tested my sores for everything, strep, herpes, other bacteria, candida. The tests came back completely negative! They were baffled and so was I. To be “safe” I was prescribed antibiotics and antifungals. There was never a marked improvement in my condition. I was a mother, a wife, a business owner, and worked full-time, but secretly I felt awful. I was so ashamed of my condition. “Why was my body turning on me?” “Why couldn’t I heal?” “Why do I need a nap after vacuuming my bedroom?”

In May of 2010 my mom called me. She had heard about something that sounded exactly like my symptoms, it was called Morgellons. At this time, I was aware the CDC (Center for Disease Control) stated that Morgellons was “delusional parasitosis” but, I was so desperate. That day, I did an internet search for doctors treating Morgellons and to my delight, I found one that sounded credible, Dr. Omar Amin at Arizona State University. He wrote intelligently on the subject and had patient interviews of illness and recovery. I called and made an appointment.

Appointment day! I drove for 2 hours to get to his office, wondering all the way if this was gonna be worth it. Was he going to shrug me off? I explained my symptoms to him and my skin condition was visible to the naked eye. He concluded it was Morgellons which he terms it NCS (neurocutaneous syndrome). He explained that my body’s pH and ‘fighting’ ability has been altered by intimate exposure to toxins, most likely my dental work but, a blood test was needed to confirm this. The rash was a reaction to the toxins trying to exit my skin and offered an inviting home for secondary infections and mine was a plant mold!

A blood test revealed that at the very least, my body is indeed incompatible with almost all heavy metals, many commonly used in medicine, dental work, cosmetics, toiletries, food and drinks. My braces, at 14 years old, were nickel and all my fillings were Mercury amalgam (also contains silver, tin, copper) as well as two root canals. A detox protocol of holistic products and vitamins was recommended. He assured me that as the toxins diminish so does the itching and crawling feeling and the sores will heal. I was ecstatic. I had answers!

I had the fillings removed by a dentist who specializes in the removal of mercury amalgam dental work. (Find A Mercury Free Dentist) When amalgam fillings are ground down they ‘smoke’. The fumes contain mercury and are breathed in. This is very toxic exposure to mercury (exposure is 10 times the legal limit during removal or placements of mercury amalgam, JADA, Vol. 129, April 1998) for anyone and can have terrible effects  on those not sufficiently protected!! I was suited up with a vacuum and oxygen as well as the dentist and assistant, so we would not be contaminated by mercury fumes.

I had a tremor in my left hand for about 5 years. I could not draw a number 6 without scribbles. I didn’t tell a soul, I was only 40, but it stopped the very day I had my last filling removed! Why, because mercury is a fabulous conductor of electricity and interferes with the body’s natural electrical currents. I was instructed to have mercury amalgam fillings removed in stages, as horrid reactions are possible doing too many at once. I didn’t listen. I had all fillings removed in one day. I experienced no backlash so, without hesitation, the following week I had both root canals removed in one visit.

The oral surgeon didn’t outfit me with a mask or use a special vacuum to protect me and him from toxic fumes. It didn’t occur to me that it was necessary since the teeth were being pulled out. Unfortunately, they didn’t just pop right out. He had to grind and saw at the teeth to break they up so they would come out.

The oral surgeon looked so pale after digging and grinding to get the root canals out of my head. His comment, “Geeze the more of these root canals I remove, the more I don’t want to recommend having a root canal done to anyone!” He sent me off with antibiotics and oxycodone. Within hours I developed a fever. The itching and crawling on my face and body was beyond anything I had experienced. The office called to see how I was doing. Upon hearing my symptoms, they said to stop taking the oxycodone, “you’re allergic”. So, I did.

I spent the next two weeks in bed, too weak to eat, full of fever and covered in sores. My neck on both sides, just under my ears had open sores the size of a quarter that were draining and my face peeled for 2 months!!… and a new symptom, muscle jerks. My legs would “kick” involuntarily, like a heroin addict. I was in a horrid state! What I found out later is that I was poisoned by the fumes from my tooth removal! Root canals can have mercury, copper, silver, aluminum, nickel (base noble). As he ground and drilled fumes were released. He was probably not doing so hot either but, I will never know. [1]

To add insult to injury, I was going through an ugly divorce. I was losing my home and everything I had worked for, and I was spending my first Christmas completely alone while my two beloved boys were spending Christmas with “the real monster” (that’s how I felt then). I had lost hope upon hope. My looks were long gone, my life I had built gone, my health gone, my strength gone, money gone, love gone! All I had was the breath in me, my faith in God and my sense of humor.

One day in particular I thought, was possibly my last on this earth. As I lay in bed, it became crystal clear that life or death had no power over me, over the fact that I was still ME under all this ugliness. I had desires to get better , to keep learning, laughing and watching my kids grow!! I knew I may not get that chance, as I had no strength, no ability in me to make it different. Lying there, my happy thought was, “Well, what I have is not like a cancer “death sentence”… A person that has days or weeks to live has less hope than I do because, there is a chance I may get out of this bed”…  and that thought was good to me.

Amazingly, I got through those days and slowly resumed the recovery protocol. I couldn’t go in public for about 2 months. I was weak, my face was raw, peeling and oozing. The detox is uncomfortable in the beginning (HELP! I’m Recovering).  Itching and crawling sensations got worse. My skin lesions were so painful. The pin pricking sensations and muscle jerks in my legs were awful. I took sedatives to get sleep and Benadryl and I became good friends. Perspiration would smell like metal, like moldy towels and my face sweat, a hallmark of mercury poisoning.

I have had to pause the detox at times due to financial reasons, sometimes just because it was uncomfortable and I had so much going on that I couldn’t endure feeling sick too. In addition, I have shed 70 lbs of fat.  Every level of weight reduction has triggered skin rashes, i.e., stomach, back, arms, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and skin sensations. Toxins store in fat cells, so losing fat will release toxins.

Because I have a known allergy to almost all heavy metals, a buildup of copper or aluminum, even though necessary for our metabolism can be toxic for me. I stay on a maintenance recovery protocol and eat clean and simple to feel my best. This helps me live in the real world without fear of environmental assaults.

Gone are the days that I would fill up the bath tub with Epsom salts and hot water (be sure to drink water while soaking as Epsom baths are dehydrating.) and submerge everything but my nose holes to soothe the itching and crawling. The itching and crawling are gone! The muscle twitches and tremors are gone! Gone are the days being covered from head to toe with an excruciating rash and gone is the plant mold! Gone is debilitating fatigue!

I now walk 10-15 miles, workout 3 times a week, for fun I kayak, canoe, paddle board, or hike and work, no exhaustion! I am feeling wonderful. Now I desire to share what I have learned on this journey and dispel myths surrounding Morgellons/NCS, hence MORGELLONS CENTRAL. There is hope! Thank you for taking the time to read.

Peace and Love ~

Gina Cerniglia

Canoe Fun

Canoe Fun

UPDATE August 1, 2016:  I’m still well :). June 2016, I earned a Associate Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ultrasound technologist). Currently, I’m employed full-time as a sonongrapher. ;D



[1] JADA, Vol. 129, April 1998 (Journal of American Dental Association)

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  1. This is inspiring. I have been dealing with same exact symptoms I am also a mother, wife, and work for myself. Doctors look at me like I am a crazy woman. Have taking so many antibiotics for bacteria infections and used topicals for bacteria and fungal infections. I’m so insecure anymore because the condition is mostly my face and bikini line area. A woman’s most valued areas of herself. I tested negative for every STD culture and blood test. My liver was in good condition also to hopefully be able to take a oral medicine for a fungal I condition. I wanted to file lawsuits against doctors for continuing to treat me for Mersa when I knew it wasn’t that. Dermatologist wouldn’t listen to me and send me on my way.
    This gives me hope. Thank you


  2. Can anybody recommend implants that are safe with this condition?


  3. Gina, your story has given me hope. I am curious to know what did you do to replace the root canals that were removed? What type of dental materials are you using now?


  4. Gina, I live in the suburbs of St.Louis, MO. My brother is suffering from Morgellon’s. He is under the care of Dr. Ginger Savely, who we sought out after viewing the “Skin Deep” documentary. My brother, Brad, has been on high doses of antibiotics since November but not showing any sign of improvement. Can I hire your to consult us? Your story is so compelling. I trust you are a living expert, a person whose knowledge we may benefit from. I type with strength & hope as tears run down my face for by brother. Thanks for your consideration.


  5. U are very brave thank you


  6. I have had this condition now for at least a year. My health problems started long before this journey however. At first I was scared to death, reading on formues and looking at youtube videos. I thought I was going to die. For a while I was wishing that I would have gotten cancer instead – because then at leasat people would understand and be supportive. With this condition however people doesnt understand. They just assume it is psycological.

    I am not completely healed yet but my condition is so much better after lots of detox. I can actually work 80% and function in the normal world! My main issues that still remain is rashes and some pains in the body.

    The main issue with this diesease for me was probably the fear factor. Reading about different theories about nanobots and such scared me as hell. Now when I have lived with it for a while I’m pretty sure that the disease is actually caused by a fungus. The fungus are allowed to enter the body because of toxicity and overall bad health. By strengthening the body the fungal/mold issue will resove itself. 🙂


    • The only thing that helped a little bit for me was lotrum for ringworm a fungal infection and then the ER gave me a fungal cream a bit stronger that helped a little more. Still not healed


  7. Gina, thank you so much for sharing your story. Its wonderful to know that there might be a little hint of light at the end of the tunnel. Congratulations to you for pushing through and recovering from this demon. I on the other hsnd am just catcging on to whats actually happening to me . For months i thought i was going crazy! I knew there was something terribly wrong and ive read all the horror stories . Im almost positive that my wife of 10 years and our two children are all afflicted with this NCS . I try not to use the “m” word . When i asked my mother if she had heard of it she gave me this awful look and proceeded to mention how these itchy scratchy sores were associated with crystal meth use. I wanted to cry right there in the middle of that damn parking lot! For the first time in my life i felt like she didnt believe in me . Heartbroken. I was 29 then, 30 now. I think ive been experiencing the symptoms for close to three years. Its sooooooo hard to remember things these days. Its hard to breathe, i have these alien life forms exiting my skin. Ugly painfull sores all over my body. Itchy crawling sensations. You can see these things , these monsters,. If you look closely you can see them. This is by far the scariest thing ive ever experienced in my life. Its like theyve created the perfect disease. It attacks every little function of your body. It breaks down every organ, drains every ounce of energy you might think you have, you feel just terrible all day every day, exhausted whether you sleep 6 hours or sleep 16 hours. It makes you second guess everything you do. And it makes everyone around think youre crazy! Family, doctors. Everyone. I havnt come right out and told my regular doctor what i think it is because ive heard all of the stories about people being labeled crazy. Delusions of parasitosis is what the call it. Were not delusional people!!!! This terrible deadly diesease is REAL!!! Listen to this , if i didnt trust that you have experienced some strange things during your struggle i would never share this. I have pulled a piece of thise strange stretchy plastic like material out of what i originally thought were just hair sores, and before i could remove it from on or under my fingernail it would disappear into my fingernail. Honest to god! It eould latch on and before icould scrape again it hsd burrowed into my nsil. How scary is that. Plz let me know if you have any advice. Im so desperate right now. At this point i just eant to live through this. I honestly feel like i am dying. Its so sad i thought i hsd slot more live to live and now i wonder


  8. I contracted “Morgellons” in FL about 8 years ago. Europeons visiting Fl took it home with them. At the time, most cases were found in CA, TX & Fl. It was thought to be due to bio-engineering projects. Heavy metals being sprayed by jets in what’s known as chemtrails, was a big contributor also. I know my own country is killing me. I can no longer tolerate every waking hour being tortuous. I don’t have a moment’s peace. It is systemic, it’s in the brain, every organ, in the blood, & changes your DNA. I am completely isolated. My family doesn’t believe me. They think I’m crazy. None have even bothered to research it. I’ve lost all my friends. I rarely leave my apartment. I think about suicide a lot. There should be somewhere people can enter their name who have this syndrome or “disease” & opt for suicide. It is the only way out for me. I cannot afford to live, nor do I have the desire to struggle every single day. I want the torment to stop! Twice I have gone to an ER & ended up in the Psych unit. If they only took 2 minutes & used a microscope they would believe me. Dermatologists will only use magnifiers with 3x when they should be using 30x. Apparently when I say they’re microscopic, they don’t understand the meaning of the word. I hope every doctor who said it was delusional gets this themselves! There are cases reported in every country but 2. One is Greenland & I forget the other. Pandemic level, yet U.S. Dr.’s remain in complete denial! Every doctor that saw me is, in part, responsible for my death. But mostly the creators of this bacterial warfare weapon hired by the USAF, who spreads it by their jets, by NASA, & now commercial jets. It never occurred to them they would be subjected to their own creation. Guess the joke is on them!


  9. I understand why your friend killed himself. Ive been dismissed and called crazy by 9 drs, even tho I have the lab work proving I have Lyme disrase and Morgellons. actually, 8 drs, not 9. the other dr, the one who said he believed me, was a con artist and cost me my life savings for false treatments. So believe me when i say i know why your friend did it. its easier to let go than it is to hold on. how does someone bear the unbearable, especially without hope of belief, help, or support? eventually, they dont.


  10. I cant find a dr to treat me. Even tho I have lab results proving positive for four of tge bacteria in Lyme and the one in Morgellons. I have been called crazy and dismissed by drs. I want to get well. This is unbearable. But no one will help.


    • They are spiders- and yes it is electrical and very aware! But spiders are really just scratching the surface all of this is related- COVID19 , corona- crowned – halo – morgellons- aliens- look at the U. S dollar bill and all the money for that matter but the dollar has 2 spiders on it and the entire framing around all our currency is spider webbing! This is why they immediately tell us and anyone else who will listen that we are on drugs and delusional they need to discredit us from the get go ! Think this last statement over for just a moment- World Wide Web-internet- web page say all those words to yourself over and over until it becomes crystal clear to you how deep this really goes!!


  11. Just wanted to let everyone know that the effect a doctor’s disbelief can have on a person can be fatal. My good friend, Scott Gardener, of Salt Lake City, UT, had Morgellans. He was a guitarist, and he made his living playing guitar. He became extremely depressed after seeking help and having doctors accuse him of causing his own problem so many times, that he ended up OD-ing.


    • Jaime, This is exactly WHY I shared my story ~ to help and encourage others. Mainstream medicine is catching on, but not quick enough and in the mean time they are disregarding suffering patients as nutcases. I am so very sorry to hear about your friend.


  12. Thank You so much for sharing your struggles with the world & helping to shed light on a very dark subject, dental work!
    I, like u am suffering from my dental work and now try to raise awareness.
    Please consider adding ur story to my Web site in an effort to spread awareness. I would so greatly appreciate your support! u can also find us on fb here: the flossing of America’s Dental Patients.
    So glad to see ur enjoying life again, many blessings your way.


    • Deanna, Thank you for asking! Yes, you can publish my story on your site. It is wonderful to meet another one that has suffered and is recovering and reaching out! I look forward to visiting your site! Visit my page Help I’m Recovering for helpful hints during recovery that I discovered on my journey. Kindest Regards!, Gina


  13. Jamie Ormston

    That is such an amazing story! I am inspired! You endured it and now you are blessed! Be of good cheer, because God is good! Heavenly Father through his son Jesus Christ have given me hope! I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I hold fast to my faith, I know it will all work out! I see it, feel it, hear it, taste, smell, and suffer from things I can’t even comprehend but that’s ok, I’ll get through it just like you! It has taken a lot from me, I feel scared, alone, gross, Sick, I have extreme OCD, anxiety, panic attacks like no other, and my social life is has diminished. I go to Church, work, home, and now it’s just church, family, and home. My mom is supporting me, I am thankful of that blessing, as well as all the blessings God has given me, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has blessed my family and I so much! Since I have been going to church, my light continues to shine and I am doing good and getting better! Im 35 years young, I have so much life in me and love to give! The fact I have to time out to heal well that stinks. I don’t understand my cats see it react to my weird symptoms, I guess they must be as crazy as I am lol well it’s been a struggle for about five years with changing symptoms, for the past year I have actually been able to actually see what’s happening and sometimes I’m sure it will kill me. As long as it is gods will I will continue to just deal with it. I feel hopeful regardless and I believe it’s going away as it gets worse before better! Thanks again and know that it makes me smile that you are doing awesome! Thanks again and hope nothing but the best for you! With love always Jamie Rizzo🙏🏻🕊❤️




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