Parasitology Center Inc.(PCI) founder, Dr. Amin, PhD has researched Morgellons/NCS for over 15 years and has defined the pathology and recovery of this devastating illness, with recovery for all patients who follow the recovery program.


PCI has developed a web-based, self-help program for recovery from Morgellons/NCS, to make help more readily available to a larger population. Take the questionnaire to determine if you are NCS sufferer.

PCI Morgellons/NCS Recovery Protocol is personalized. You can find diagnosis, treatment and support at PCI. 


  • PCI provides a comprehensive and definitive personalized evaluation provided to patient in digital form.
  • Internal liquid and tablet detoxifiers. As toxins diminish so will the pin prick, crawling sensation.
  • Bio-compatibility blood test kit*, most necessary in identifying offensive dental material. Other test kits* are available if dental materials are not the issue).
  • External liquid detoxifier the will dry up any sores if present.
  • Recommendation of vitamins and supplements that support detox. Most can be found in a good multi-vitamin.
  • Reference to lymphatic massage which will help your detoxification process by breaking down the toxins into smaller molecules that are more easily emitted.
  • A support group who has recovered from Morgellons/NCS, who have volunteered to help other victims of Morgellons/NCS and to shed light on the recovery process and the realization that this is a situation that can be resolved.


Read here → MORGELLONS/NCS testimonials from patients who have recovered.

HELP! I’m Recovering! → information to assist with some of the things you may experience during recovery.

*Cost for blood draw and analysis is in addition to PCI Recovery Protocol, as it is done by outside labs. THIS IS INVALUABLE INFORMATION and PCI makes it simple by supplying the kits and Dr’s orders for lab to use.

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