Bio-Compatibility Blood Test, First Step to Getting Better!

The bio-compatibility blood test from  BioComp Laboratories, Inc.  is the most necessary component to begin a successful rehabilitation from NCS/morgellons illness. Why? Because it definitively identifies allergies to materials commonly used in dentistry, drugs, cosmetics and medical applications. It is not enough to think that “if I just remove my dental work I will be well!”. The cause of your condition may actually be the titanium implant and pins in your body from surgery and not your dental work at all or it may be all of the above and you overlooked your implant.

Guessing impedes recovery! Guessing causes discouragement. Patients excitedly buy detox regimens only to find out that there is no improvement or not complete rehabilitation of NCS/morgellons. Disappointed, they abandon the treatment.


I am allergic to MOST heavy metals. The only heavy metal in my mouth is pure gold and platinum. If I would have had resin fillings (tooth colored) to replace my mercury amalgam fillings I would not be much better off, as they also contain materials I am allergic to.

I am also allergic to Bismuth. It is used in Pepto Bismol, cosmetics and dentistry.

I never had an answer to why I vomited every time I ingested Pepto Bismol (for upset stomach and diarrhea).
Cosmetics and lotions would cause, red-bumpy-hot-painful rashes, that would become raw and ooze.

Bismuth was not the only contributor to me suffering Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome, but you can see how it would aggravate my condition.

How do I know what I am allergic to? Because I have my results from my bio-compatibility test.

Saving money is commonly the reason for not doing this part of the process BUT you will spend much, MUCH more on trial and error to recover and may never.

The bio-compatibility blood test is an “encyclopedia” on what materials you are allergic to.
Your blood is tested against thousands of materials used in dentistry. These materials are commonly used in food, drugs and cosmetics as well.

The bio-compatibility blood test is SIMPLE!
The kit comes with order (blood draw directions) in it for the lab.
You take the kit and order to a local lab in your community to get blood drawn.
The lab will draw your blood and send the entire kit with your blood to BioComp Laboratories.
BioComp Laboratories will test your blood against thousands of materials and send you a copy of the results.
The cost for the blood draw is a separate charge paid to the lab.

Below are links to independent labs that will draw blood, so you can find one near you.
Quest Diagnostic Labs
Sonoran Quest Labs

My personal recommendation is to order the Bio-Compatibility test through Parasitology Testing Inc. (PCI).
The test cost is about the same, but you will have the doctors at PCI to help you navigate through and interpret the results from the test, as well as guide you on rehabilitation procedures and products to assist with recovery.


  1. Thank you so much for this site. What a lot of work! But thank you. I have been dealing with this for 10 months now. Thankfully my doctor knew about pciwellness, but it took 9 mos. to figure it out. Bless you for putting all this together.


  2. Every time I click on a Bio-Comp Laboratories link it goes to some GoDaddy site with nothing about them


  3. Patricia curtis

    Will my issue become worse with knee replacemenr


    • Hello Patricia,
      There is no way of knowing that unless you know what materials you are allergic/sensitivite to. The biocompatibility blood test can identify materials and chemicals that you may be allergic/sensitivite to.


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