Morgellons?… You are NOT Crazy! There is Hope!

Morgellons?… You are NOT CRAZY! There is Hope!
– Morgellons* is a real condition.
– There ARE reasons why you are suffering!
– You Are Not CRAZY!!!
– You are not delusional!
– There is HOPE!

Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), commonly known as Morgellons*, is a real illness! It is devastating physically, emotionally and mentally. Please, for one minute forget about all the “science fiction” written on Morgellons*. How will you get well? How will you have some quality of life again? By reversing the cause of Morgellons*. There is Hope!

Morgellons* (NCS) affects skin, brain, body, and nerves. It’s cause is intimate exposure to toxins such as, dental materials, chemicals or implants, to name a few. By identifying the toxin and source of exposure to it, eradicating that exposure and detoxing, you will heal!  The answer is to treat the source of the problem, not just the skin rash! Many things associated with chronic toxicity will disappear as well, such as chronic fatigue, tremors, nervousness, etc. There is HOPE! There is HEALING!

You may be consumed with finding a cure. You probably obsess about your skin,  it hurts, it’s ugly, it’s SCARY! You may be a willing experiment for any concoction, hoping to rid yourself of this curse. Your cupboard may be full of medicine, vitamins, treatments, not because you’re a hypochondriac but, because you’re trying to make all this sickness stop! You spend a fortune on doctors who cut you short and laugh you off. It’s as if your medical file is secretly labeled, “fruit cake, beware!” Maybe you don’t want to live like this any longer. You’re NOT CRAZY and There is Hope!!

Be encouraged! As I write this blog, more credible information is being discovered and published on Morgellons* (NCS). This new information is changing the way many health organizations and professionals are addressing and treating their patients. I will share this information here at Morgellons Central. There is HOPE! There is HEALING! Welcome to Morgellons Central.

Kindest Regards,

Gina Cerniglia

* I use the term “Morgellons” here at MorgellonsCentral because many of us searching for information/help know the illness by this name, but “Morgellons” is not an accurate name for our collection of symptoms. “Morgellons” is an illness observed and named by Sir Thomas Browne in 1577. One in which he described fits of coughing and fever, relieved when dark hairs emerged from skin on the back of children. In 2004 Mary Leitao called the condition she observed on her 2 year old son’s lip, “Morgellons”, and the name stuck. I can relate to the photos and conditions that Mary Leitao observed in her son, however the symptoms of the original illness, of 1577, do not fit at all. Sadly, the CDC INCORRECTLY labeled “Morgellons” as “delusional parasitosis”, when “Morgellons” IS clearly an illness (1577), just not ours. To date, 20-30 thousand cases of “Morgellons” have been reported by practitioners worldwide. This is not an epidemic of delusion by any means. I refer to “Morgellons” as NCS (Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome), as named by Dr. Omar Amin in 2001[1]. He has observed and successfully treated thousands of patients since the 1990’s when he began studying these cases. I will use the term NCS here at MorgellonsCentral. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

[1] AMIN  O.M., 2001. Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a new disorder.

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  1. The type of morgellons that I had prove to be nematodes or worms. I found that by far the best treatment was taking mebendazole once per day. In the United States it is ridiculously expensive but if you go to all day chemist you can pick it up for about $0.25 a tab it is very good quality.


  2. Maffey Ibuprofen

    We suggest purchasing the Parasitology Kit from the Parasitology Center; be sure to collect specimens the first and third day of the full moon for best results.
    ^^^^ This is Dr Omar’s test. Any Dr that claims you have to collect samples during certain phases of the moon is a quack.
    My sympathies to those who are suffering from whatever illness you have, but this is complete and utter nonsense.


  3. Although I do not necessarily contribute Morgellons to any conspiracy theory, I suppose anything is possible. What I do have to contribute is my own theory. Chemtrails, yes. GMO’s, yes. Chemtrail is due to spraying to eliminate unwanted pests. In my example, I will use the Gypsy Moth. The bacterial introduction (bacillus thuringiensis) to the caterpillar is through ingestion and activated in the digestive system. Other types of (so called organic) bacteria are specifically designed for particular need. The public is exposed to these (lab created) bacteria as well. The same applies to certain pesticides used by farmers. Many of these pesticides contain bacteria specifically designed to kill particular pests and many of these pesticides use the same principle (bacterial introduction) whereas the vegetable or fruit will be able to remain labeled “organic“.

    So, my theory is Morgellons Disease is the result of lab created bacterial strains, specifically designed to be helpful, not harmful. In addition, parasites found in male semen appear to be akin to some Morgellon parasites. This could very well explain another way of transmitting the disease amongst the population. IMHO, lab created bacteria meant to be helpful, introduced into the human population and the bacteria have adapted to not only become resistant to the immune system, but have also found a way to not only survive, but also reproduce via the human reproductive system.


    • The cause of Neurocutaneous Syndrome/morgellons is chronic, intimate exposure to toxins. I think it’s possible that the above issues you’re siting are contributing to the erosion of beneficial biological flora. It would also answer the question as to why molds previously never seen in humans or animals are crossing that divide. I personally was infected with a plant mold on my skin. My initial illness was caused by chronic, intimate exposure to toxins in my dental work. My compromised immune system couldn’t fight pathogens properly, hence the secondary infection of the plant mold.


  4. Do be kind to yourself at all times. In my experience (which was an extreme one) the more chemicals and external applications i made, the longer my overall recovery would take.

    It is truly imperative that you stop feeding this/these creatures what they want. Ultimately it wants you to to deplete yourself of a natural balance, nutrients, positive thinking, and finally self care.

    Yes absolutely some of the treatments will help in a short term capacity, however be mindful that this is coming from inside of you, and your body will push it out. One shower will not magically remove it from your body so using harsh chemical treatments may cause more damage and require multiple treatments (head and shoulders does a pretty nice trick, don’t use too much gives you the chills lol).

    Next you must leave said shower which yes is amazing, and return to all the fabric, carpeting, and mattress that you know is affected and try to get some sleep. Yikes! This might be the most challenging part of this journey for me.

    Sleep is king in this game of shadows. All good kings have great assistance (be kind to your immune system). Your immune system does wonders while you sleep, and in the case of MD more is more and is better. So instead of trying to sterilize my everything everyday, I started taking the opportunity for more sleep.

    I am definitely not saying cleanliness is unimportant. You have to keep clean, however MD is very resistant to almost every household chem in the closet. In combination some of them do a pretty good job, but i have yet to see anything just kill all parts of this without a great deal of removal.

    Try Rife Frequencies (specifically for parasite detox and Radiation cleanse). You can find many on yutube. The louder and more obnoxious, the better affect you will experience. This may sound out there because its not mainstream but it has helped me tremendously at times and makes complete sense when explained. If your living situation permits, play it out loud, as loud as you can. Listening with the headphones definitely affects the body but not the environment. out loud you can feel it affecting everything.

    Good Luck and be persistent, you will get through it.


  5. lease try vitamin B1 (THIAMIN) 100MG, this has cured most of my symtoms in a matter of days, prescribed by a naturalpath, also clean yr skin of all the fibers by using a scabies cream on clean dry skin then wash this off after 24hrs. i only wish i had not bothered with 7 distainfull doctors comments of DOP before seeing a naturalpath, i also keep the insect vaporizers inside the house going as i do believe THRIPS are involved in morgellons.


  6. Tremolite asbestos is the most common type of asbestos, and also the most hazardous. It is present in stone quarries their products, talc and talc-containing products, and elsewhere. It is not covered by regulations, as the definition they use describes it out of existence. Very small, thin fibers are ubiquitous in lung and in the air. These fibers are of such thinness that they would not be visible by an ordinary microscope or a scanning electron microscope, but only be transmission electron microscope.

    Inflammatory response increases exponentially with decreasing width, and tremolite fibers are very inflammatory, as compared to other fiber types.

    This may not be the cause, but it seems possible.

    Mark Germine MD, MS


  7. I have the answer. At least for me. I feel I must post everywhere I possibly can. For almost 3 years I have had the same thing as seen in Morgellons photos online on my upper arms and buttocks and occasionally my face and breasts. Three dermatologists in Florida, and two regular physicians did not know what it was even with a biopsy and trying many things like heavy antibiotic creams and steroid creams. I tried all the wacky things online like bleach baths, tea tree oil, coconut oil and anything else that I could think of. Finally one day, taking the biopsy report and selecting a few words from it I combed through a chain of possible causes a-like nd MIRACULOUSLY, I found out that I had nothing more than a gluten allergy for the past 3 years. Once I quit wheat, barley and rye and anything that had it in it, my eruptions with shards of glass in them that became craters that did not heal, stopped happening!!! I just want to let everyone know who is going through this, please try it. You can do it by substituting with corn and yucca flours and checking every label for wheat content, including beer and vodka etc. Wheat products are in virtually everything including candy! Not easy to quit but it is so worth it.


  8. I need some help. I’m desperate! I’ve been dealing for 2 years and I’m a scarred mess! I’m ugly now nothing stops this itching and bumps and fibers growing out of my lesions! I’m so scared and feel so alone as my family thinks I just pick. I got this when i was using meth and i cannot afford the blood tests along with the protocols! I’m a mother of 3 praying they don’t contract this debilitating disease I haven’t been able to work due to the horrifying symptoms!! Can you tell me what toxin allergen I may have due to meth use and lead me to the right protocol? I’m scared i won’t be able to afford this. My babies need me i don’t want to die from this..


    • I’m so sorry to hear your story. Yessss, Neurocutaneous Syndrome (morgellons) can be brought on by using Chrystal Meth. Chrystal Meth is very toxic to the human system and leaves toxins and heavy metals in the body. The itching is a symptom of the nerve endings being disturbed by the chemicals. Welts, hives and sores are the bodies reaction to the toxins. Please contact Dr. Amins staff. They can assist you with tests and products to get you on the road to wellness. Everything can be done from you home, as they have an online self help program that they will assist you with. Check back here for support and information. Help During Recovery is my collection of tips that I found helpful during my recovery.


  9. Can someone plz recommend a Doctor that understands and treats this disease???? I don’t care where I have to travel to. Desperate!!!! Kelly


  10. I had my teeth pulled in 2010 mine is due to something else. Yesterday I honestly felt I was almost dead, I had my 16 year old son stay at his grandfather’s house for a while. I am up EVERY NIGHT from 2-7 in the morning. I have been studying this and video taping it along the way. I was outside and I discovered drops of chrome looking paint every 4-5 feet apart on my driveway. I live in Kentucky so anyone else please contact me if u c them too. BEWARE if u put water on them it’s wild!!!!!


  11. What is working for my face is aggressive and daily exfoliation. Nothing has helped my feet and the itching/rash. When I exfoliate a large section of the face, it seems that toxins are released. I get chills, full body sweats and face sweats. I sleep close to 48 hrs without moving.

    My fillings were removed years ago. I cannot figure out where the mercury is coming from??.R.K.



    I worked in neurology as a nerve conduction tech and I am heavily involved with black mold. People don’t realize just how dangerous it can be and they often overlook their symptoms until it’s a bit too late. Thanks for the post.


  13. I am so happy for those of you that have found a “cure” l have been dealing with this for a long time. The things I experience now are so out there I dare not speak of them nor post pictures. I do however have the physical items in my freezer should the opportunity arise that I may safely hand these creatures over to someone who’s only agenda is to ease the pain of the people who suffer this. I could at least pray for answers on how to cope. That in and of itself would be heaven. I have and will try anything that has been or will be suggested but my experience tells me to get my head out of the clouds. If anyone benefits I would like to share my latest mixture that gives me temporary relief

    I make a paste out of coconut, DE powder, yogurt, and probiotic
    powder from the pharacy. I found if the paste is left on it helps draw out some of what’s violating me. Good luck everyone. You are not alone.


  14. Yes, Debra. In addition, this condition can be caused by other toxins that are incompatible with our system. It just so happens that MERCURY is never compatible with human biology or any other living organism for that matter! It is a travesty that mercury amalgam is still legal in the United States and other countries.
    Those who try to legislate against it are sidelined or discredited, as humans and the earth are polluted and destroyed by use of amalgam. I believe in my case it was a legitimate death sentence and I was so fortunate to get help! Thank you for your post.

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  15. This is a true fact, it’s caused by Mercury poison from fillings They proved it! It stop a guy who was so suicidel , he shaved his head from itching and what he thought was parasites . One month after all 9 Mercury fillings were removed and some herbal detoxing to clean the blood from this. 100% cured!!

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