Help! I’m Recovering!

1307753101356Morgellons lesions are the end result of a core problem. Treating the skin issue of Morgellons does not provide long-term relief or address the other symptoms, such as neurological, physical or mental problems. The core problem is an immune system eroded and compromised by intimate exposure to toxins. These toxins are stored in blood, organs, tissue, brain and fat cells. In this state, the patient can experience other symptoms of toxicity. Auto-immune disorders and chronic fatigue are most notable, as well as the neurological symptoms such as the crawling, itching and “biting” or pin pricking sensations and tremors. As the body sheds the toxins (detox) the symptoms diminish and in time completely disappear.

The time it takes varies in each case. Some recover very rapidly but, in some cases such as heavy metal toxicity, as I had, it can take up to a couple of years. My skin and body sensations rapidly diminished but, I had 80+ lbs of excess weight (heavy metals and toxins are stored in fat cells). During the different levels of weight loss and detox I experienced relapses. It is part of the process and normal. They are not as long-lived necessarily, or as severe as the initial onset of your condition but, none the less, expect it! During detox be kind to yourself.

May I add, that there is no way we can live in a perfectly clean environment and every day we unknowingly come in contact with toxins. DON’T LIVE IN FEAR because of that. Our bodies are amazing at cleansing toxins and do but, we can help that function. We can lighten our toxic burden in the foods we eat and the products we expose ourselves too. We can cleanse our bodies of damage previously done by chemicals and metals! It is possible to live healthier and feel better again!

The following information is assuming one has begun PCI Morgellons/NCS Recovery Protocol.


  • Find a Mercury Free, Holistic Dentist
    Make the necessary changes to your dental health if mercury amalgam or other offenders are in your mouth.
    NO MORE THAN 3 TEETH RESTORED PER MONTH! Serious side effects can occur!!
    Read MY STORY. Having 2 root canals pulled in one visit made me EXTREMELY ill!

Detoxing triggers symptoms. You will feel worse before you feel better. This is normal 

  • Perspiration of Face and Body – that’s ok, the body is detoxing.
  • Unnatural Body Odors – It may have an odor like chemical or metal or mold… why? Because that’s what it is! It’s ok, you’re getting that yucky stuff out!
  • Nausea – use antacids when needed (preferably dye free).
  • Fatigue or Flu like  – It’s ok you are detoxing! All that toxic gunk stored in your cells and organs is moving out! Your body is working hard. Rest!
  • Aches and Pains – Tylenol or ibuprofen
  • Itching, Crawling, “Biting” or Pin Pricking – Benadryl and Tylenol or ibuprofen. This will diminish as the toxic offenders diminish.
  • Muscle Jerks and Twitches – I never found a remedy for this. Thankfully it was short lived. I experienced it the first few weeks after having my mercury amalgam removed.
  • Swelling of Extremities and/or Face – detox can trigger allergic reactions. Some swelling is normal. Drink more water! Water is the “river” that moves everything.

Don’t be afraid. You are in charge! If you feel really lousy and need to cut back so you can be ok for a big meeting then so be it. For the majority of us, this condition did not happen overnight and detox does not happen overnight either. It is a process. Accept the steps patiently.

I am well now and the long and winding road still got me healthy! I would take some of the products at night, drink about 8 oz of water, take my Benadryl and Tylenol and I could sleep through the worst of it! I broke from the regimen for a period of time or times because I couldn’t afford it or just was done feeling ill. I wasn’t completely symptom free though and would pick up where I left off. Each time I experienced less and less symptoms. That worked for me. You will decide what works for you!

Following the below recommendations will NOT cure Morgellons/NCS.


  • External Liquid Detox (in PCI Morgellons/NCS Recovery Protocol) – put it anywhere you have lesions. Let it dry. It is very healing. Sleep with it on. Yes, it is very sticky but soothing. Rinse in the morning.
  • Benadryl (Dyphenhydramine HCL 25mg. per tablet) – Take as directed on the label, when needed. Benadryl helps with allergic reactions and skin sensations. This works well taken at night to sleep and stave off the itching and crawling sensations. Use dye free. Synthetic dye contains aluminum,
  • Tylenol or Ibuprofen – Take as directed on the label. This works very well in conjunction with the Benadryl to diminish the skin sensations and pain of the rashes.
  • Warm Epsom Salt Bath – use directions on the label as to how much to use. Be sure to have drinking water handy as this is very dehydrating.
  • Plain Yogurt – slap it on your face, chest or wherever you hurt, itch and burn. It will put the fire out. It is very healing and one of my favorites. Let it dry and sleep with it on. Rinse in the morning.
  • Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil or Coconut Oil* – massage it into skin. It feels wonderful. Debris may come out of your skin as you gently massage. It’s OK. Use this as an everyday moisturizer for face and body. Smooth on after shower or anytime and wipe excess off with a towel.
    Massage into scalp. Wash hair as usual.
    Use on tips of hair before styling.
    *The lightest oil is the Jojoba the heaviest is the coconut oil. Experiment to see which one you prefer.

My Moisturizer Recipe (all from Trader Joe’s)
½ Cup – Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)

½ Cup – Coconut Oil, (melted, a few seconds in the microwave will do)
1-3 teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil 
A few grains of sea salt crushed (optional)

Mix all ingredients together in a small mason jar. Keeps well at room temperature.
Use the same as Plain oil.

  • “Free” Laundry Soap – Laundry soap free of dye and perfume. This is a biggie! Irritated skin can get more irritated with perfume, detergent and synthetic dye! I use the extra rinse cycle as well, to get every last bit of soap out of my clothing and bedding. I get itchy if I don’t.
  • WEN Cleansing Conditioner – easy on the hair and the body. My favorite is Almond.


  • Rest – Afford yourself time to rest or nap if necessary. Your body is healing and rest aids in that. With that said, light exercise is also important!
  • Walk – Walking is amazing! It aids in the drainage of the lymph system, digestion, elimination and circulation. Do not underestimate its power, I shed 70 lbs! Not to mention, you are also getting vitamin D from the sun and fresh air! My walks are my time. I clear my head or work on problems but, either way it is a time of meditation for me. Lymph drainage massages are also beneficial, again for lymph drainage and relaxation.
  • Limit Sugar – Sugar throws the body into an acidic state. Fungus, bacteria and viruses thrive in this condition! Sugar over stimulates the adrenals and other organs, taxing the body and draining precious energy reserves. This weakens the immune system.
  • Drink Water!* – Water gets our “river” flowing and aids in elimination of toxins through our sweat, urine and feces. It gets our bowels moving! It hydrates cells so we have more energy and helps all things in our body to work more efficiently.

*NOTE: Tap water, unless purified by a purifier has chloramines (chlorine, toxic) as well as an overload of heavy metals and chemicals that are toxic to us! Bottled water, unless purified or distilled is not any better, REALLY! The benefit of purified over distilled is that purified water is slightly alkaline (good) because of the minerals in it. Distilled water is slightly (very slight) acidic because all minerals are removed. It is OK to drink distilled water, but not necessary and personally, I did not find it helpful.

  • Eat and Drink Fresh – My rule of thumb is if it’s in a package read the label! Packaged food is commonly full of “stuff” we do not need, namely preservatives and chemicals for taste and color. The colors such as yellow lake or FD & C contain metals, commonly aluminum (which I am highly reactive to). The packaging, such as aluminum cans? Not good. If you drink a beverage from a can there is a good chance it has dyes in it as well as sugar and it is packaged in an aluminum container! (My heavy metal sensitivity includes all metals except for platinum, pure silver or pure gold, so I refrain from eating canned food.)
  • Limit Alcohol – Alcohol is sugar. In addition, alcohol in large quantities is taxing on the system as our system works overtime to synthesize the alcohol into vinegar and dispose of it. On top of that it is full of chemicals, synthetic dyes to make it look appealing. That goes for beer, wine and hard liquor. Unless you know for sure that your brand is free of this stuff, it’s probably got it in there. If it’s packaged in an aluminum can, then you have some of the metal leaching into the beverage.
  • Limit Coffee – it is acidic. I do LOVE my coffee, but I keep it to a 2 – 3 (6 oz.) cup minimum. Coffee is also laced with chemicals due to how it is grown, unless it is specifically labeled organically grown and processed.
  • Smoking – slows in healing and when the tobacco burns it leaves behind ha host of toxic chemicals and heavy metals namely cadmium.
  • Medication – Some medications are necessary to life. Some medications have become necessary to function. As you detox and get healthy your need for some of these medications will change. Be aware of that. Less is more! I am in no way advising anyone to discontinue anything but, if you are metal sensitive and your pills are bright pink they are coated in synthetic dye. (I wonder why Benadryl is coated in Red #40 I am extremely allergic to this stuff). Inquire to see if you can get a dye free version. Many drugs are available this way, including Benadryl! Some drugs encourage fluid retention, such as Tylenol and ibuprofen. Sometimes taking this stuff is unavoidable, as the side effects of detox can be uncomfortable!!! Just take the least that you can get away with. Eventually, you will find that less is more. 

All this may sound overwhelming to you. It’s OK! It took me time to streamline my lifestyle and I am an extreme case. The metal and chemical sensitivities I have don’t disappear. I have to be respectful to my body, as this is the way I am wired. If I want to feel good I am not going to knowingly put offenders in my system.  In regards to food and drink, many times it’s obvious without reading any label. If it’s bright or unnatural in color such as gummy bears or a strawberry pop tart with sprinkles, it’s got synthetics and chemicals in it!

Remember, this is YOUR journey. You are in control!

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  1. Abigail Frith

    Hi I was wondering what did you do to recover because I feel like I’m getting worse and the little I guess fibers are coming out of me like crazy and they’re floating in my car all over my clothes I can’t get them out of me and off of my things and I think I keep reinvesting myself over and over because of this I actually see little flying things that look like lint but I know that and I was wondering how did you get yourself better


  2. Donna Woodman

    I’ll thank you.I tried pin worm meds it seems to help a certain swollen spot get out the hairs and some white bug like tging.There were white bugs falling out of my hair in the bath.Im one month into this condition which I think is Morgellans.


  3. Hi Gina!! I believe I spoke with you before. I am to recovering from toxicity, and was wondering if you could help me with how you lost the weight! As this seems to be my last hurtle!!! Any suggestions?!? I would love to talk sometimes! I related so much to your story!!! And after reading. I noticed that the main ingredient in hair color is the same as dental sealants! ( toulene) I was in the cosmetology field for 20 years!!! And have dental work as well!! Can u Email me when you get a min?!?Hope we can touch base soon!! Thanks, dawn


    • The Bio-compatibility blood test is essential to recovery, as it takes the guess work out of what one may be reactive/allergic too. Hair colorant contains many chemicals and heavy metals that are toxic to us. It would be to your benefit to do the blood test, as you may be exposing yourself to allergens without knowing it. This knowledge is essential in recovery.

      The body will stay “swollen” if it is feeling allergic. That is why I encourage you to get the bio-compatibility blood test. If you are still being exposed to allergens, this can affect weight loss. One’s body doesn’t want to let go of fluid or fat because it thinks it’s in a “war” against invaders.
      You can do this test through biocomp Labs but I encourage you to do it through PCI (parasitology testing inc.) as Dr. Amins team will interpret the results for you. You can contact PCI and find out more here

      In regard to your question about weight loss – I worked out with a trainer twice a week and eat clean (mostly fresh) not less. My biggest change came from walking! It’s not how much you sweat once in awhile, it’s consistency.

      So glad to hear you are on the road to recovery!! ;D


  4. I have been through this and recovered. Here are some helpful links:

    For Rehabilitation:

    Morgellons?… You are not CRAZY! There is Hope!!

    Current Paper written on Morgellons/Nuerocutaneous Syndrome:

    Click to access ginas-pdf-life-science.pdf

    my email:

    Please keep in touch.


  5. I have been going through hell! !!! DR’s think i’m crazy but all my symtems fit morgellons. To keep this short if someone been through this please contact me. Need help !!! Jeff 231-510-4594


    • Genny Gonzalez

      Hi dear , my name isGenny , l didn’t know that there was something so ugly and bad called morgellons , all the Doctors that visited called crazy making fun of me that really hurts . I’m so afraid to tell to the doctors or to someone about this. Sometimes I’m asking God to take me with him . Because my has changed so much, because of the itching from head to toes, I see how those it move and twisted when catching them with a mascara brush . Problem is, that there’s no help at all, I hoping that you may help me l will appreciate with all my heart.


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