A Case Against Delusional Parasitosis

A Case Against Delusional Parasitosis; Dr. Amin, 2014
Article published to Journal of Life Sciences September, 2014.

Delusional parasitosis incriminates patients… dismissing them as psychiatric cases, and confuses cause with effect. The author is critical of these arguments and believes that the symptoms of crawling and pin-pricking are genuine; just misinterpreted as parasite movements. Based on the author’s research on over 1000 “delusional” patients since 1996 at the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI), the author has established that the symptoms of crawling and pin-pricking are caused by toxicity from exposure to incompatible dental materials, implants, environmental toxins among others that alter the propagation of normal nerve impulses… The author has described a new pathological disorder, Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) primarily associated with dental toxicity to which “delusional parasitosis” and Morgellons disease cases could be assigned. The author has developed a protocol for the resolution of the symptoms of NCS cases…

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*** I (Gina Cerniglia) use the term “Morgellons” here at MorgellonsCentral because many of us searching for information/help know the illness by this name, but “Morgellons” is not an accurate name for our collection of symptoms. “Morgellons” is an illness observed and named by Sir Thomas Browne in 1577. One in which he described fits of coughing and fever, relieved when dark hairs emerged from skin on the back of children. In 2004 Mary Leitao called the condition she observed on her 2 year old son’s lip, “Morgellons”, and the name stuck. I can relate to the photos and conditions that Mary Leitao observed in her son, however the symptoms of the original illness, of 1577, do not fit at all. Sadly, the CDC INCORRECTLY labeled “Morgellons” as “delusional parasitosis”, when “Morgellons” IS clearly an illness (1577), just not ours. To date, 20-30 thousand cases of “Morgellons” have been reported by practitioners worldwide. This is not an epidemic of delusion by any means. I refer to “Morgellons” as NCS (Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome), as named by Dr. Omar Amin in 2001[1]. He has observed and successfully treated thousands of patients since the 1990’s when he began studying these cases. I will use the term NCS here at MorgellonsCentral. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. morgellonscentral@gmail.com

[1] AMIN  O.M., 2001. Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a new disorder.

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